How To Use A VPN

Whenever you access the internet, you are opening your computer to a number of external agencies. You become especially vulnerable if you connect to the internet through a public wi-fi connection. Also, you may not be allowed to view certain sites, owing to your physical location. In such situations, knowing how to use a VPN can be quite handy.

Why use a VPN at all?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network, as the name suggests, is a private network that is not an actual physical private network. You connect to their server through a secure and encrypted ‘tunnel’ that acts as a private network. From there, you are rerouted anonymously to wherever you want to go. Because the server becomes your new point of origin, your own location remains hidden.

The encryption and anonymity help you access data securely, and prevents hackers from accessing your device. It also helps you bypass the geo-blocking that certain sites may have set up. It further helps you access content that you otherwise might not be allowed to because of copyright issues in your country.

Learning how to use a VPN may sound intimidating but is quite simple actually. The theory behind them is essentially the same. You create a new network connection in Windows that you specify is a Virtual Private Network. You then link it to the VPN service’s servers and connect to the internet through them.

How do you set up a VPN

Some VPN systems can be configured through Window’s in-built VPN system. Setting this up is not complicated. You can find several guides online that will take you through it, step by step. Once this has been set up, you can configure it to link to the VPN service’s servers.

Other VPN systems may require you to install their clients which will then connect you to their servers with a simple log in. These are even simpler to use as you do not have to manually configure them. The installed client does all the work for you, and all you have to do is enter your user name and password.

Once your VPN has been set up, you can connect to the internet through that. All your internet traffic will be redirected through their servers and you can browse anonymously. You now have the freedom to go through any country the VPN offers a server in.

How VPN helps in getting you anywhere in the world

Region-based surfing becomes a piece of cake if you know how to use a VPN. As long as your VPN has a server in the country, you can appear to be in any country of your choice. You just need to specify the region, and the VPN will send you through an encrypted connection. When you ’emerge’ through the other end, it will be the country you will be browsing from.

If you know how to use a VPN, your web browsing becomes more secure. You also have more freedom in what you can view and the content you have access to. It protects your privacy, while giving you the truly unrestricted online experience that is not hampered by security threats.

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