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One of the astonishing things about PS4 is that very few people expected it to outshine and outsell Xbox One. Its recorded sales went beyond all expectations testifying to the superiority of the gaming console. Those who’ve been able to compare Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 will tell you which among the three is supreme. PS4 comes with an enhanced resolution, improved gaming library, Blue-ray player, speedier processing power and a source of great entertainment just for everyone. In contrast with PS3, its forerunner, PS4 is arguably up there and much cheaper than PS3.

Considering the availability of PS4 across the world and its wide reach in far-flung areas, anyone who loves computer gaming and quality consoles definitely has one, especially in Australia.

Limited content

Clearly, PS4 is the choice for many around the world but content access is a major problem due to internet barriers. It’s reported that PS4 gamers back in 2013-14 were so frustrated after they started realising the PS4 content was region-locked. A global outcry loomed as many complained that some games were only accessible in specific nations. In fact, many started wondering whether if a game bought within the United States, for instance, would be playable in a place such as Australia. Sony clarified that the gaming console is a region-free item, but many gamers couldn’t just take the company’s word for it; Sony had also said the same concerning PS4’s predecessor, PS3.

Even with reassurance from the company some games such as P4A (Persona 4 Arena) were not accessible in a number of areas.  With the Arc System Works of the P4A region locked, those who purchased it from the United States couldn’t entertain themselves with it in Australia or Asia, for instance. Reports from Sony even started emerging that for one to enjoy the best user experience overall, you needed to buy games from your own region.  The debates about region-locked content rages on, with some claiming no games are inaccessible while others claim they still can’t access a good number of games.

PSN controlled content

The truth is the games and content available in PS4 is controlled mostly by the kind of PlayStation Network (PSN) account you own. It means those living in a place like Canada or US can only purchase from stores within North America while Australians have to do the same within the stores in their locality. For a person in Australia to access content from stores in North America a PSN account from Canada or United States is required. It’s only through PSN accounts in North America where the downloadable content is available.

How VPN for PS4 helps

Whether you’re in Eastern Europe or Sidney you can easily access the North America PS4 downloadable content; great news for those who love playing opponents from far-off corners of the world in a PS4 game on the internet. If you have a friend or family member in Missouri whom you want to play with from Sidney, Australia, you might need a way of getting past the location block. A VPN is the exact answer in such a scenario.

In its TOS, Sony reserves the right to use the features available within the gaming community and PSN, from IP addresses to activities’ location in ways they deem necessary. It’s believed one of the ways such information is used is blocking access of content from a specific location. By continually exposing your location and gaming information you probably have been limiting access to certain content.  As you communicate through messages, calls or browse via the console you could be tracked and the data collected. A Virtual Private Networks completely protects this critical data from being accessed just by anyone. The use of a VPN is very simple but so efficient in ensuring your content remains safe and privacy assured.

VPN for PS4 benefits

VPN benefits a user by securing the gaming experience, enhances ability to stream content from various areas such as Netflix from a region you don’t reside, access PS4 games blocked by geography and browse the web without the fear that your privacy is under threat or you can’t access location specific content.  You’ll be able to maximise on your PS4, especially if you consider it’s not the cheapest of consoles but an expensive gadget with lots of possibilities.

At the end of the day it depends on the VPN for PS4 you go with. With lots of choices out there you definitely need a solid choice. For instance, PureVPN offers SmartDNS within its VPN package even as ExpressVPN is highly reliable and fast while others such as HidemyAss are accessible in hundreds of nations and territories globally. Decent VPNs also includes Unlocator, SmartDNSProxy and VyprVPN, among others.

While looking for VPN for PS4 you might want to pay attention to the customer service, server access, security, speed and reliability of the provider.

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