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If you have a Mac chances are you believe it’s more secure and well protected than a normal PC. Probably the thought that you need security software has never crossed your mind. However, Flash Trojan virus has recently reminded millions of Mac users that their devices cannot be safe entirely. On the other hand, even with a completely safe Mac the internet connection can never be fully secured and without risks. This is why VPNs for Mac are available and thousands are using them for privacy and security reasons while browsing the web on their Mac.

The VPN encrypts all received and sent data across the internet keeping private data protected,  such as passwords, instant messages, credit card details and even downloads. Once you have run a quality VPN on the Mac browsing public Wi-Fi hotspots won’t be dangerous; no hackers will spy or intercept your activities on the internet.

Private browsing

If you want to access some restricted sites and enjoy private browsing on your Mac, VPN is a perfect choice. As you browse the web you’re provided with another IP address, which masks your real identity from government eavesdropping, hackers, ISPs and other busybodies on the web. If you’ve a Mac chances are you use it for all manner of reasons, chief among them browsing via Wi-Fi in various locations and access to gaming and content sites. If you’re in Australia you might find it really hard to access the new and quality content on Hulu or Netflix available to those in America only. Rather than continue watching old content, VPNs give you a chance not only to remain secure online but also access the content you have been denied due to geo-targeting.

Gaming sites, Netflix, YouTube among others are usually blocked by corporate, college and school administrators who install firewalls and web filters to block many from accessing their top websites. VPN gives you a way of bypassing the irritating firewalls and filters and enjoy all the content you want unrestricted, from social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook to Netflix, Hulu movies and films to gaming sites for the top games globally only restricted to US users.

Use public internet connection without fear

As already mentioned, it’s not easy to be fully secure while using publicly accessible hotspots at airports, schools, hotels, cafes and universities due to the threat of web attacks and lots of other web risks. This is due to the nature of unencrypted Wi-Fi connections in these places. All the data you receive and send can be hacked into or intercepted in between leaving you open to all manner of hazards depending on the data stolen. With VPN for Mac the network traffic streaming in and outside your internet connection will be encrypted securing all your data and browsing experience.

El Capitan concerns

Your Mac’s security is very critical. If you’re running OSX El Capitan you probably are enjoying the diverse upgrades that come with it. However, the great visuals and technical enhancements aside, the update also came with security issues due to El Capitan vulnerabilities. It was ascertained Mac users can have their devices seriously compromised.

Rather than wait until you’re a victim of hacking and other illicit web behaviour, VPN offers a way to remain secure all the time, something thousands turned to after the OSX upgrade’s vulnerabilities were reported. The weakness is within the Apple Keychain app where critical information and passwords are kept but a slight loophole means this data can be accessed by a dedicated hacker.

Nonetheless, VPN for Mac have their weak points, particularly if the publicly accessed internet connection is unpredictable. It means a poor internet connection will leave you with a very slow Mac if the VPN vendor you’ve gone with offers a very slow product.

 Each VPN service is unique though

No two VPNs are the same. Know the exact features you’re looking for before you go shopping. For instance, IPVanish is a well rated provider of VPN solutions with some solid focus on privacy and security. Another, ExpressVPN stands as one of the top VPNs around, particularly for anyone in Australia and a Mac user with great reviews and roving user experience. ExpressVPN no-log policy is another level of protection most customers like about the VPN. Other VPN vendors you can check out include Buffered, VyprVPN and SaferVPN.

Investing in a quality VPN will protect you from the headache and loss that follows a hack on your data via a web connection. It’s also a plus since no one can really stop you from accessing any site out there, whether geographically restricted or not.

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