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The modern internet user faces lots of dangers whether in Perth or the other side of the world. There’re cybercrimes, covert government surveillance, hackers on prowl, Ransomware to identity thieves among many other risks. Everyone would like to protect themselves while browsing through public Wi-Fi, access blocked content and websites, surf the web anonymously and seek protection from snoops and hackers lying in wait online.

Whether your Android device is a Tablet or Smartphone, chances are you’re always using it for virtually anything on the internet, from accessing social networking sites, booking air tickets, selling and buying online, banking among other activities. In most cases this is risky and your privacy could be a hacker’s big pay day. With the right VPN for Android you can easily have every area of your web traffic encrypted as it exits or entering your device, in the process protecting your affairs and information online.

 Android more compatible with VPN

Not many Android users actually know while Apple might be upbeat about its secure and stable reputation on its operating systems Android is ages ahead in terms of VPN compatibility. Android devices like many other devices running on other operating systems are susceptible to malware and phishing attacks. Even as you connect with a website infected with malware and phishing traps a Virtual Private Network will make sure your web footprint is not infected as your passwords and other details remain encrypted. Android VPN vendors offer some privacy to millions whose data remain unprotected oblivious of the danger this portends.

VPN misconceptions

Like many people around the world, Australians actually believe that for them to use a VPN they need to be engaged in something illegal. This misconception has left so many Android users susceptible to phishing attacks, hacking and being locked out of regional specific content such as Netflix’s US content. The truth is that hackers are getting better everyday, with ransonware, malware, viruses and pop-ups increasing day by day. Millions of people are losing their banking details, credit card information and PayPal logins and passwords globally every year. With a VPN you’ve an indispensable and stable security whether you’re accessing malware infested sites or big brother is watching. Wi-Fi accessible publicly is always a security risk; no matter where you are you can rest assured of your security if you are using an efficient VPN.

VPN for Android comes with even more benefits for travellers

Australians who are always on the move will find the various Android VPN considerations much better due to Android upgrades in recent times. Those who bought Nexus 10 or Nexus 4 tablets or upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.2 OS might have noticed an included security option that makes sure VPN mode is “Always-On”. If you choose the option, it means Android won’t allow your data to be accessed or sent via any other way except through VPN. Travellers and browsers who love Public and free Wi-Fi will find it really useful, particularly if there’re fraudsters out to divulge your sensitive and personal data. This option is enabled only if you’re connected to a specific VPN before it becomes an option on the menu button.

Mind the few drawbacks too

VPNs might be a cheap way to access what you want, but you must be alive to the fact that they also suffer from latency issues and congestion. Encryption sometimes also slows down the connection making streaming of media slower and files downloaders to take longer in certain cases. It’s also worth noting that not every VPN service is equal to another. The private policies, performance and other details differ significantly.

Don’t just stop at the user-friendly level and price and forget to compare the different VPNs as per the criteria you have in place or depending on what matters most to your applications. Know whether the VPN vendor logs user activities and identity, which could mean you’re not as anonymous as you might think.   Some VPNs do not cover such operating systems as Android or Mac-something you might want to clarify first before choosing any VPN for Android.

Avoid looking for VPN providers on GooglePlay considering the huge number of budget, free and insecure VPNs out there, mostly phishing apps masquerading as VPNs. To be on the safe side choose such VPNs as VyprVPN with lots of servers around the world,  ExpressVPN with a reliable and all-round solution offering a top quality and trusted VPN service with global servers spread across the globe, IPVanish also making its foray in Android as well as SurfEasy, PIA and SaferVPN, among others.

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